As an Art Director for horror publications, my job is to read the accepted stories, blueprint an image and assign it to one of the members of the art team, then work with them as they bring the image to completion.  This has been a fantastic opportunity to work with some talented artists and to think up the visuals for other authors' works. So far, authors have included names like Clive Barker, Jonathan Maberry, Gary A. Braunbeck, Sarah Langan, and Thomas F. Monteleone, to name a few.

Here are a few of my favourites pieces...

CHOKEPOINT (story by Jonathan Maberry - art by Dominik Broniek)

THE SONS OF BILLY CLAY (story by Stephen Graham Jones - art by Dominek Broniek)

OCTOBER BLIZZARD  (story by Joel Arnold - art by James S. Cole)

FRACTURED SOULS  (story by LH Maynard & MPN Sims - art by Chad Sergesketter)

280 YEARS EARLIER (story by Michael Colangelo - art by Stanley Morrison)

MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN (story by CLIVE BARKER - art by Dominik Broniek)

KNOCK - KNOCK (story by Gary A Braunbeck, John Everson, and JF Gonzalez - art by Azim Akberali)