Monkey Pharmacy was formed during breakfast in 2003, when MP's Prime Minister (Canadian for "President") Ken Lillie-Paetz decided that he was not in nearly enough debt and wanted to free himself from the last remaining vestiges of optimism he had about the future. Under the assumption that the Apocalypse would surely happen before the banks and credit unions caught on to what he was up to, Mr. Lillie-Paetz quickly threw an enormous amount of borrowed money into what would surely be a never-ending sinkhole for cash.

Thus Monkey Pharmacy was born and miraculously brought into creation (and, even more surprisingly, publication) the comic books Elsinore and co-creation Monkey On A Wagon vs. Lemur In A Big Wheel. Astounded by the shocking news that some people actually might enjoy his cryptic and entirely incoherent ramblings about the evolution of madness and the destructive capabilities of amusing animals on stolen kiddy wheels, Mr. Lillie-Paetz immediately fell into a deep depression and decided to become a recluse and hide from the world. Sightings of a strange creature roaming the remote areas of Ontario, Canada, wearing a straw cowboy hat and a bathrobe, awkwardly trying to maneuver across the frozen tundra with a miniature dachshund and a two-four of India Pale Ale, are most likely just a hoax.

In a strange development that sent shockwaves of horror to artists everywhere, Mr. Lillie-Paetz was named Art Director for Doorways Magazine, and later, other horror publications. Mr. Lillie-Paetz is well-known for his drawings of lumpy-headed stick people and weird spidery things that he insists are rats, so he was surely a questionable choice to take the art direction helm. It can only be assumed that he is currently mad with power, and your hearts should go out to those poor souls who will now fall under his command.  

Monkey Pharmacy will continue to produce virtually undecipherable works until its inevitable and long over-due demise. But of course all of those involved with Monkey Pharmacy are pleased to have you along for what should be an incredibly short ride.

CAVEAT: Purchasing the products produced by Monkey Pharmacy will not in itself lead to the end of humankind. While this is surely a sign of the upcoming Apocalypse, Monkey Pharmacy and its affiliates can not be held responsible for life continuing without some catastrophic event to obliterate us from existence.